The Configurator Developer

 Dec, 28 - 2014   no comments   SkillsWork

I have been working recently on a little project where I had to hook together several 3rd party libs. Most of the time spent was about configuring these libs to make them work properly. Nothing fancy. While working, it came to my realization that I have been working on similar projects recently, where most of […]

Being a successful technical leader is not limited to your technical ability. Your success exceeds your knowledge to your leadership skills. Now, that you have a team to manage, work with and defend on, you need to be aware of the techniques that will soften everybody’s life, and of course make your career a successful one. […]

There are several traits of a successful employee every hiring manager seeks for. There are as well several mistakes a developer should really avoid. Those mistakes usually cause much trouble! When I set to hire someone, I tell him explicitly that I can’t tolerate 2 of those unless agreed upon during the sprint/iteration life cycle. […]

Joining N2V

 May, 30 - 2011   5 comments   Business

Hello Dear Readers, It’s my pleasure to announce that I have joined the marketing team of National Net Ventures — N2V , Amman branch. Therefore, I’ll relocate to Amman as well. I’m excited to work with such a giant company helping entrepreneurs and fostering Internet industry in MENA region. Actually, that’s a part of my […]

Unfortunately the current CoffeeScript package is for an old version. Thus, some manual work is needed to get the latest version working for you on Ubuntu. Here are the steps, we need to install Git, node.js, npm and finally CoffeeScript:

Now give it a shot:

Startups, like everything in life, have some key elements for success. I’m listing here what I think are the most important factors to help you moving your idea to a successful startup. ((The order here is irrelevant and all have the same equal value)) Prototype So you have the idea and you believe it’s the […]

Yesterday I was experimenting with Google App Engine for a little project that I was working on. I literally started from ground zero and could do my thing after a long night. I’m blogging about it to share you the idea and save you some time googling solutions. So, here is the thing in brief: […]

Test or Regret!

 Jan, 31 - 2011   2 comments   Test

Yes, for god sake test! Whoever you are, a web/desktop/mobile developer please add automated tests to your work. If you don’t then your works is questionable. Why? That’s what I’m going to answer in the next few lines. Specs Were you in the case where you or a new developer joined a team? Were you […]

2011 and I’m back!

 Jan, 31 - 2011   2 comments   PythonRuby

Hey, It has been long time since I opened this page to write something. Actually 2010 was a very busy year. I left ArabCrunch team to join Inquiro, a cool startup focusing on SEO/SEM optimization, where my work completely took a different path and a whole shift. I became a team lead for a cool […]

Welcome to the fourth post of this series. Just before proceeding to the questions, I would like to mention the great Metaprogramming Ruby: Program Like the Ruby Pros book by Paolo Perrotta, a very good book that explains the metaprogramming aspects of the Ruby language. Now let’s get going! Scope gates Taken from the above […]