2011 and I’m back!


It has been long time since I opened this page to write something. Actually 2010 was a very busy year. I left ArabCrunch team to join Inquiro, a cool startup focusing on SEO/SEM optimization, where my work completely took a different path and a whole shift. I became a team lead for a cool project using Python/Django stuff. Really enjoyed working there and loved the environment, I even had to cross half the planet(20 hours in air) to meet the managers and get acquainted to a whole new culture in life.

However, few weeks ago, I started to realize that I don't belong to where I was working, since I always had the dream to do my own thing, always lacked the motivation. Yes, that was always the case, no motivation. Up till the cool ppl behind YallaStartup did a wonderful weekend startup event that I participated in. After that event things changed quickly and I decided to leave my job for my own startup. I'm spending whole time now work on my thing and I'm very glad to be so. In later posts I'll describe what I'm doing in better details.

Now, I want to make use of this chance to express who much I missed Ruby and the whole community. Yes I really did. Now, I'm back and I'll try to frequently update this blog with new life experience.

Just before I publish this post, for the little of you who are wondering whether Python is cool or not, indeed it's very cool and so much similar to Ruby, but it lacks the great community that Ruby has.

Yes, now I can publish! C ya!!