Ruby introspection

Hi, this is my first blog post!, i'm already done of reading this artilce on groovy's lang introspection , and i wanted to submit the equivalent one for ruby, so all you need now is to fire your irb and follow me :) :

# Whats is your class?

a = 5
b = "Hello"

# Whats is your class?
p "Class of a : #{a.class} ,class of b : #{b.class}" #=>"Class of a : Fixnum ,class of b : String"

# Whats is your super class?
p "Super class of a : #{a.class.superclass} ,super class of b : #{b.class.superclass}" #=>"Super class of a : Integer ,super class of b : Object"

# Is a.class = Fixnum ?
a.instance_of? Fixnum #=> true

# Is a of type Integer (does it have Integer in it's class hierarchy)?
a.is_a? Integer #=> true

# Or this way:
a.kind_of? Integer #=> true

# Introspection, know all the details about classes :
# List all ancestors(modules and classes) of a class
String.ancestors.each{|a| p a}

# List all modules included in a class
String.included_modules.each{|m| p m} 

# Check class hierarchy
String < Comparable #=> true
String < Integer #=> nil  , strings r not integers
Object < String #=> false , Not all objects are strings

# List ancestors of class type{|a| a.class==Class}.each{|c| p c}

# List all methods available to an object
b.methods.each{|m| p m}

# Get public instance methods
String.public_instance_methods.each{|m| p m}

# Get protected instance methods
String.protected_instance_methods.each{|m| p m}

# Get private instance methods
String.private_instance_methods.each{|m| p m}

# Get class singleton methods
String.singleton_methods{|m| puts m}

# Get the instance variables of an object
d =
d.instance_variables.each{|i| p i}

# Get public instance methods
d.public_methods.each{|m| puts m}

# Get protected instance methods
d.protected_methods.each{|m| puts m}

# Get private instance methods
d.private_methods.each{|m| puts m}

# Get instance singleton methods
d.singleton_methods.each{|m| puts m}

As for the Dynamic method calling introduced in that article , check this post ;)

*Update : Check the second part article of ruby introspection, for more info on this topic.