Installing CoffeeScript on Ubuntu

Unfortunately the current CoffeeScript package is for an old version. Thus, some manual work is needed to get the latest version working for you on Ubuntu. Here are the steps, we need to install Git, node.js, npm and finally CoffeeScript:

Now give it a shot:

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  1. Thanks, that was helpful,
    I am new to Linux & Ubuntu, followed the steps and coffee script was installed.
    looking forward to read more about how to actually use coffee script and generate java script.


  2. I’m using coffeescript at work now, and we used your tutorial for installing because the Ubuntu repo’s are behind the times and the PPA’s we found for it didn’t seem to have their packages built properly.

    Also, the vim plugin by kchmck is essential to working with coffeescript.

    I really hope CoffeeScript catches on because it’s so much better to work with than just plain old Javascript.


  3. CoffeeScript’s semantics from simple functions up through closures, higher-order functions, objects, classes, combinators, and decorators. Packt, introduces CoffeeScript while walking through the process of building a demonstration web application.

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